Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ref Art

Growing up, I only remember our family having had 2 refrigerators -- the old, old one (the brand of which I don't remember) and our current good ole sturdy Condura.

I've always remembered our refrigerators to be clean and plain, with nothing on it (which is sometimes a tad boring). I also recall being to other houses, and seeing "busy" refrigerators - some with magnets, some with pictures, others with bills & endless to-do lists.

We only started using magnets after I brought a few home from some travels.

But it was only in the last few months that our ref came alive. :) I started by posting some of Gab's artwork. She eventually took my lead and started posting on her own.

She also took a liking to arranging the fish magnets in one line. And, when she discovered how stickers worked, our refrigerator's lower door, became a mini-butterfly garden.

Now that she's in nursery, the art work changes more frequently.

And the drawings started to have labels. (I suppose this how a child starts learning about ownership.)

So our ref now is no longer the clean one that it used to be. But nobody in the family minds. It's how we nourish Gabbie's creativity. It's how we celebrate her art, and more importantly, how we celebrate our Gab.

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