Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun, Fun March

2 big milestones happened last March (and both actually happened in NS Montessori!) Gab turned 5, yey! And she celebrated her birthday in school. I suppose this will be the first of many. Preparing for the party took a helluva lot more time than the actual celebration, but hey, who cares? I was just happy to have been able to make the event memorable for Gab. :)

The birthday girl

Family Pic

Gab also had her first graduation / recognition day! And guess what? She was awarded to be "Best in Comprehension"! (That was defined to be the student who participated a lot after storytelling and asked a lot of questions.)

Sadly, I missed their dance number. (I promise to always, always be there on time for the next events.)

Barkada Pic :)

Am such a proud ninang now. :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breakfast :)

(April 22, 2010)

Breakfast today was different. Soup. Something reminiscent of crab and corn, only that it had different ingredients. A whole lot of egg. Potatoes. And then some carrots.

Had I known Gabbie was behind it, I would have had taken a picture of my soup.

The night before, according to Ate B, Gab had insisted on cooking with her. She cracked the egg by herself and mixed in the potatoes and carrots Ate was using for whatever it was she was cooking.

Since Ate didn't know what to do with Gab's concoction, she decided to put it together with one of 'em soup mixes. (Better to do that than use it for an omelette, she said.)

I love my little chef. ;)