Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Advanced Nursery - Chico

Along with 17 or 18 other kids, Gabbie now officially belongs to NS Montessori's Advanced Nursery - Section Chico. (NS Montessori just happens to be my preschool too, btw.)

So now, our days have become so much more interesting with everything that Gab's been picking up from school.

She now has new friends, stories of whom we hear about quite often. I think she's pretty tight with Adrielle, Sophia and Erich. (Gab and I haven't really mastered her alphabet & spelling yet, so I do hope I'm spelling their names right.)

Going to the grocery has now become an exercise in spelling can and bottle labels.

And there are endless quotable quotes like, "Yung 'i' parang 'ay!', parang nagulat" or "Alam ko na yung ibig sabihin ng 'sick'. Tinuro ni Teacher Janet."

Of course, we have new poems and songs too, like this one - Telebong.

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