Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Day High!

It's Gab's first day of nursery today. Of course, we had to celebrate it with a gift. Today's request was for a butterfly since we had already made dogs (which looked like dinosaurs) last Sunday.

She's asking for monkeys next. (Still haven't figured out how to do that though. :o) )

How to Eat Your Juicy Fruit ;o)

I found a stick of Juicy Fruit by my bed a couple of days ago. I figured Gab had left it there by mistake. A couple of hours later, she comes running into my room, with her Mama in tow, and sees the Juicy.

Gabbie: Iniwan ko yang bubble gum para sa iyo eh. Marunong ka ba kumain niyan? Nguyain mo hanggang maubos yung asim, tapos tapon mo na.
Titaninang: (just smiles to herself)
MamaBunso: Hindi asim, tamis.
Gabbie: Aah. Nguyain mo hanggang maubos yung tamis, tapos tapon mo na.

So cute. First time somebody taught me how to eat my Juicy.

What's in a Name?

Today's Gabbie's first day in school. (yeah, first ever ever!) And so in the season of making name tags and my-name-is introductions, I thought it appropriate to explain Gabbie's name.

Let it be known in record, that it was titaninang's grand idea to name Butaka, Gabriela Ysabel. Titaninang likewise takes credit for how "Gabbie" is spelled. =P (Glenn, Ma, let's not get into that debate of Gabbie vs Gaby now.)

I must confess though that no extensive research was done to come with the name. I simply have a thing for Spanish names. You must admit that her name sounds lovely.

But, but, but! Now that I do my research, Gabriela Ysabel becomes an even more beautiful name. Gabriel means "God is my strength" while Isabel means "God is my oath."

And even if it's cheesy, Gabriela Silang is still one tough lady. (And I'm sure Butaka's going to be just as headstrong.)

Baby, I hope that when you learn to spell your name, you do learn to love it, because I also have to confess, that it's the name I would have given to my own baby girl. So yes little one, I do love you like my own.

Butaka Chronicles

So what's up with this blog? Why the big deal about this kid called Gabbie? Well, she just happens to be the best thing that's happened to my family in the last 4 years. She's our biggest source of happiness and headaches right now. (I can never quite explain how those two opposing things can co-exist at the same time.) She's a reason to linger a little longer at home in the morning, and a reason to come home just a little earlier at night. (Naah, I really don't do "early". =P)

I got inspired to write about Gab, after a few years of good lovin' and huggin' from her, and after following Jason Lee's blog about his kids -- http://kristinandkayla.blogspot.com/ (You've simply got to see his girls!)

I started Butaka Chronicles in my multiply site, but I figure, she deserves to have a site of her own. Why? Because I love her. A whole lot. And that in itself is more than enough.

Oh, who am I by the way? Well, to Gabbie, I am "titaninang". To be more accurate, more often than not, it's "titaaaaaaaaaaninaaaaaaaaaang!!!!"

So there. That's the story.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lullaby for the Little One

I started my first blog with a prayer. This one, I'm starting with a song, as our little Gabriela is one of the first that comes to mind when I hear it.

It's my wish that as she grows up, Butaka knows that I will always be there in the morning, my prayer that I always have the strength and wisdom to take care of her well.

TitaNinangPat loves you very much, little one.

Lullaby For A Stormy Night

Lullaby For A Stormy Night from http://yupkigirl.vox.com/

Lullaby for a Stormy Night
Vienna Teng

little child, be not afraid
though rain pounds harshly against the glass
like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger
I am here tonight

little child, be not afraid
though thunder explodes and lightning flash
illuminates your tear-stained face
I am here tonight

and someday you'll know
that nature is so
the same rain that draws you near me
falls on rivers and land
on forests and sand
makes the beautiful world that you'll see
in the morning

little child, be not afraid
though storm clouds mask your beloved moon
and its candlelight beams, still keep pleasant dreams
I am here tonight

little child, be not afraid
though wind makes creatures of our trees
and their branches to hands, they're not real, understand
and I am here tonight

for you know, once even I was a
little child, and I was afraid
but a gentle someone always came
to dry all my tears, trade sweet sleep for fears
and to give a kiss goodnight

well now I am grown
and these years have shown
that rain's a part of how life goes
but it's dark and it's late
so I'll hold you and wait
'til your frightened eyes do close

and I hope that you'll know...

everything's fine in the morning
the rain'll be gone in the morning
but I'll still be here in the morning