Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's in a Name?

Today's Gabbie's first day in school. (yeah, first ever ever!) And so in the season of making name tags and my-name-is introductions, I thought it appropriate to explain Gabbie's name.

Let it be known in record, that it was titaninang's grand idea to name Butaka, Gabriela Ysabel. Titaninang likewise takes credit for how "Gabbie" is spelled. =P (Glenn, Ma, let's not get into that debate of Gabbie vs Gaby now.)

I must confess though that no extensive research was done to come with the name. I simply have a thing for Spanish names. You must admit that her name sounds lovely.

But, but, but! Now that I do my research, Gabriela Ysabel becomes an even more beautiful name. Gabriel means "God is my strength" while Isabel means "God is my oath."

And even if it's cheesy, Gabriela Silang is still one tough lady. (And I'm sure Butaka's going to be just as headstrong.)

Baby, I hope that when you learn to spell your name, you do learn to love it, because I also have to confess, that it's the name I would have given to my own baby girl. So yes little one, I do love you like my own.

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