Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Butaka Chronicles

So what's up with this blog? Why the big deal about this kid called Gabbie? Well, she just happens to be the best thing that's happened to my family in the last 4 years. She's our biggest source of happiness and headaches right now. (I can never quite explain how those two opposing things can co-exist at the same time.) She's a reason to linger a little longer at home in the morning, and a reason to come home just a little earlier at night. (Naah, I really don't do "early". =P)

I got inspired to write about Gab, after a few years of good lovin' and huggin' from her, and after following Jason Lee's blog about his kids -- http://kristinandkayla.blogspot.com/ (You've simply got to see his girls!)

I started Butaka Chronicles in my multiply site, but I figure, she deserves to have a site of her own. Why? Because I love her. A whole lot. And that in itself is more than enough.

Oh, who am I by the way? Well, to Gabbie, I am "titaninang". To be more accurate, more often than not, it's "titaaaaaaaaaaninaaaaaaaaaang!!!!"

So there. That's the story.

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