Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Eat Your Juicy Fruit ;o)

I found a stick of Juicy Fruit by my bed a couple of days ago. I figured Gab had left it there by mistake. A couple of hours later, she comes running into my room, with her Mama in tow, and sees the Juicy.

Gabbie: Iniwan ko yang bubble gum para sa iyo eh. Marunong ka ba kumain niyan? Nguyain mo hanggang maubos yung asim, tapos tapon mo na.
Titaninang: (just smiles to herself)
MamaBunso: Hindi asim, tamis.
Gabbie: Aah. Nguyain mo hanggang maubos yung tamis, tapos tapon mo na.

So cute. First time somebody taught me how to eat my Juicy.

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