Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun, Fun March

2 big milestones happened last March (and both actually happened in NS Montessori!) Gab turned 5, yey! And she celebrated her birthday in school. I suppose this will be the first of many. Preparing for the party took a helluva lot more time than the actual celebration, but hey, who cares? I was just happy to have been able to make the event memorable for Gab. :)

The birthday girl

Family Pic

Gab also had her first graduation / recognition day! And guess what? She was awarded to be "Best in Comprehension"! (That was defined to be the student who participated a lot after storytelling and asked a lot of questions.)

Sadly, I missed their dance number. (I promise to always, always be there on time for the next events.)

Barkada Pic :)

Am such a proud ninang now. :)

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